When you first start out in Crime City it is easy to get carried away doing missions, gaining levels and generally plowing through the game. There will however soon come a point where you will constantly get your arse / ass handed to you in PvP because you have reached a point where you have under-developed stats be it Attack, Defense or your Mafia Size.

Here is how I tackled the first area I was lacking in, Vehicles.

I found (via trawling the Interwebs and testing) that I could get an infinite supply of Armoured Trucks (Att –  2 Def – 5) for 112 Energy each.

Look, I have 104 at the time of writing and they are much better than crappy Vans (1/2), Junkers (1,1), Hudson Hornets (1,1) and other vehicles you are probably all ready using. Also remember that for each level you can use 5 mafia members (if you have them) each of which can use a vehicle, a gun, a melee weapon, an explosive and some armour.

How do I get them Ham?

Right, firstly this works for me and it works for J. It doesn’t seem to work for Juice but we worry about that boy so let’s just put him down as an anomaly :) Look Juice, I got a van :)

The first thing you need to do is fully complete the Docks area. By fully complete I mean do every mission 5 times so that you get no more arrows. I’m not 100% sure this is necessary but J and I both have 5/5 and this technique works for us.

With this done, you need to do the 2 stage job called Steal shipment from the right hand warehouse in the Docks. It costs 112 energy in total and will yield between $300 and $900, 26 XP and a single armoured truck :)

I have done this 104 times so far and have never not gotten the truck. After auditing my mafia, and vehicles they were using I found that I have increased by defense by roughly 450 from getting these trucks.

I hope you find this helpful and as always feel free to add any extra help via the comments.


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