OK, so the first big syndicate battle part of the Battle for Empire City is now over and I reckon we all learnt a fair bit from our initial escapades. I know I certainly did (don’t buy gold when your drunk!). So let’s get some basic hints, strategy etc. up so the next one can go even better than our top 800 result from the last.

Participating in Battles

Crime City Syndicate Battle 1As long as you have the latest version of Crime City installed you should see a new image underneath the GOALS pad icon. The screenshot on the right shows this icon. Notice the (!) which indicates that the syndicate is already involved in a battle with another syndicate.

Clicking the new icon will take you to a new screen containing details of the current battle, the overall results in the event so far, the prizes on offer etc.

The next screen on the right shows that we (Dead on Arrival) are already involved in a battle with another syndicate (DADDY-O). If we weren’t already in a battle the option would be present to start a new battle. DON’T !!!! Unless you know we are ready

The screen shows stats of who has done what, how we are doing etc. It’s all pretty self explanatory and has no bearing on our success so I’m skipping over it.

The third screen shows the BATTLE LIST screen. This is where the magic happens. Here you choose what you want to do to contribute to the battle. Depending on the state of the battle their are 4 basic options:

  • Attack the rival syndicate’s headquarters (Also know as the wall)
  • Attack the rival syndicate’s hideout (Only available after the headquarters / wall is down)
  • Attack the rival syndicate’s defense leader
  • Attack the rival syndicate’s other members (Only available after the defense leader is down)

As you can see in the screenshot, the rival syndicate has a level 2 wall up (which I have taken a bit of health off of) and their defense leader named davew is also up and has had a bit of damage done to him (would love to take credit but it was that mental nutter J :) ).

As with most events you get a limited amount of actions you can take (4 initially) that each use up a portion of your BATTLE HEALTH. You can get more BATTLE HEALTH using gold and it gradually goes up over time. If you use up all your BATTLE HEALTH when the battle begins (battles last 60 minutes) you gain enough BATTLE HEALTH over the 60 minutes to do an additional 2 actions making 6 in total.

The final image shows what the screen looks like if the defense leader and I think the wall is down. As you can see you can still attack a structure for points or you can have a crack at a member of the rival syndicate in the same way you would when you do normal PvP.

Every attack has an outcome (Win or lose). Winning is the important bit as it gets us points. What do points make???? Prizes. Losing achieves nothing!

What should I be doing?

Right this is the important bit. We (Dead on Arrival) will have a more clearly defined strategy in the near future but here are the general rules we would like you to follow for now :

  • Don’t start a battle unless other members are on-board. We can get more done if we have many members all with full BATTLE HEALTH at the start of the battle. This makes it easier for us to get the wall and be defense leader down so we can get more points racked up.
  • Unless you are pretty awesome don’t attack the defense leader, attack the wall instead. I think I’m correct in thinking the defense leader is pretty hard to take down unless you kick arse / ass. Attacking the wall will knock health off of it and yield about 20 points.
  • Once the defense leader is down, only attack rival syndicate members that you can beat. As mentioned earlier losing is a waste so it is better to beat someone 20 levels below you than lose. I know from experience that you can still get your arse / ass handed to you by someone who is 10 levels below you but the risk is greatly reduced.
  • If you don’t think you can beat any rival syndicate members then attack the structure. If the wall is down it will yield around 40 points per attack. Don’t feel embarrassed. Every little helps!
  • Finally, have fun, communicate with the rest of the guild either here, on the syndicate forum wall thingy or on Kik!

As always feel free to add anything relating to this post as comments etc. If you want to add you own post to help members, let me know your email address and the password you want to use and I will set you up as an author so you can write it etc. You only need basic knowledge of web publishing and I can always help you tidy it up once you have created the main post.


4 Responses to Crime City Syndicate Battle Basics

  1. Will says:

    Good advice… especially the bit about not buying gold when drunk!!

  2. Hollywood says:

    The only other thing 2 power attacks will take out the DL so the lower weaker levels can also hit the DL if J is not on to take out DL.

  3. warren says:

    Should I boot out inactive members?
    I only have about 5 out of 14 members that actually do anything

    • MTron says:

      Absolutely. Inactive members are a complete liability. We (DOA) regularly review our member list and performance in terms of cash donations, ip during battles, brick donations, communication and stats development. We actively weed out weaker players. To be fair, you have to other wise the few support the many and it is only a matter of time before the few get annoyed and leave to join another syndicate.

      Everyone has to pull together.

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