Accent Clothing LeedsLike most middle age men from the land of Brussel Sprouts (Lincolnshire) I’m not a fan of clothes shopping in general. Fashion? Whats fashion? I think I had it some time during my early twenties but I lost it.

When I moved to Leeds the clothes shopping scene was a tad overwhelming.

“Some guy in a hat just opened the door for me! What do I do? What do I do?”

But I got by although I get upsold a lot by women. Anyhow, I recent went outside of my comfort zone (ASDA George) and paid a visit to the shop of one of my clients, Accent Clothing in Leeds and enjoyed clothes shopping for probably the first time.

Accent Google Places Listing

The first thing you notice when near Accent is the location.

The Queens Arcade is nice and Accent have their store split into 2 with ladies’ on one side and men’s on the other. Both stores have great shop fronts and a very welcoming exterior. When you enter the store (men’s obviously) it is really well presented but for me (wearing mainly ASDA George), a little intimidating.

The first thing I noticed when entering the store, was that

“Everyone is really good looking in here.”

I’m more than comfortable in my sexuality so I’m fine with saying that I would not hang out with the guys from Accent if I was single. I would be the 5 (a modest 5) amoungst the 9′s and that never ends well for the 5 :P

Once you get over the reality shock that you are in fact not the most beautiful person in the world, you soon realise that “the beautiful people” are in fact really friendly. They will happily let you browse but if you need some advice, they are more than accommodating.

Penguin Scapeman Hoodie from Accent Clothing

I knew roughly that I wanted a smart casual jumper or top and had a few ideas. I asked for some help from one of the Accent staff who introduced himself as Ryan. 

Ryan was  amazingly helpful, letting me try on several items in various sizes and pretty much acting as my personal shopper. The guy was an absolute legend and knew everything about the Accent stock, sizing and fashion. At no time did I feel like I was being rushed or that I was testing Ryan’s patience and trust me, I am not the easiest shopper to appease.

I ended up with a pretty nifty hoodie from Penguin called a Scapeman. It is a great fit and the material is kind of grided. I also really like the Penguin logo and detailing. I wear it all the time as it looks great and covers all weather types.

You can buy it from Accent via clicking here.

Here is a photo of me wearing it at Think Visibility. 

Accent Clothing did a great job of sorting me out and making me feel welcome. I really can’t fault the whole experience and can highly recommend visiting.

For me it’s the full 5 stars :

[Not A Disclaimer] I have a working relationship with Accent Clothing and yes this does mean that I wouldn’t write anything bad about them. But if I didn’t like Accent, I simply would write nothing rather than being swayed by my relationship. I’m an honest guy and I hope this comes across in my writing and life in general. [/Not A Disclaimer]


One Response to Everyone Loves My Accent (Clothing)

  1. Mik Smith says:

    BEHOLD! I too intend to visit the Accent Clothing store one day.
    But do they have any designer gear that has been fashioned from Brussel Sprouts????

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