I’m a fairly simple man when it comes to food. I like value (I am a dad after all), I like good food, I like meat, I like pudding and I like a place that is friendly. It’s not often that I come across a restaurant the pretty much ticks every box so when I do, you will have to forgive me for shouting about it.

A few months ago what used to be the Cafe (I’m not messing about with silly French letters) Rouge in Leeds became a Cattle Grid. For those of you who don’t know what a Cattle Grid Restaurant is, it is an American style meat house without Americans :) Imagine an episode of Man v’s Food in a posher restaurant with really friendly people. There you have it… Cattle Grid.

So, the boxes.

Cattle Grid Leeds DetailsGood Food – Check

So far I have had the Pulled Pork, the Pulled Beef (probably not called that) and the Ribs. The ribs are stupidly good. Messy, meaty and mammoth. The beef is nice and capable of filling any lunchtime void. The pork however is the daddy. A high quality bun (yes I know it is hard to get excited about bread), tomato (I don’t thanks), greenary (enough but not too much) and marinated pork.

Meat – Check

It’s all about the money, money, money MEAT. Meat is what Cattle Grid is about. Damn good meat.

Value – Check

Cattle Grid do a lunch time deal where you get either the pork or the beef with a Coke and chips for £6. Bargain. Simple, well balanced perfect lunch food. I know, I go sometimes twice a week, and Dom seems to live there.

Friendliness – Check

All the staff at Cattle Grid Leeds are really friendly from the owner to the staff. I have even met the owner of the Cattle Grid brand and he is a great guy to.

Pudding – No Sure

I know they do ice-cream but I haven’t had pudding yet because the lunchtime deal is so well balanced. I am planning in visiting this weekend (see below) so pudding is very likely on the cards.

All in all the Leed Cattle Grid and I dare say Cattle Grid as a whole is amazing. A 5 out of 5.


As from this weekend (all being well), Cattle Grid Leeds will be doing a Sunday Roast. I have heard it will be a traditional Sunday Roast and will be £7.50 a head or 2 for £10. I will update this post on Sunday after we have been :)

Hopefully I will see you there!


None of the prices etc. here are legally binding. I was told about the Sunday Roast today in a chat so may have got it wrong. I am in no way affiliated with Cattle Grid. I have simply been there lots and the food and people really are nice.


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  1. Emma says:

    Nice one – it makes me want to try this place even more!

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